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Actmetal is completed with long-developed “various surface treatment technology,” such as electro zinc plating technology and cation electrodeposition coating technology, and “flexible production equipment” that can accommodate from small lots to large lots. In June 012, we established an overseas base in Indonesia. We continue to meet your requirements with reliable quality assurance, quick response and high cost performance.

Electro zinc plating
Our galvanization has realized environment-friendly processing by adopting trivalent chromate treatment.

Our electro zinc plating gives excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. As a means provide a film having high adhesion with plated metals, galvanization is used for the surface treatment of various components.
We have employed two types of electro zinc plating: barrel type and rack type.
In order to comply with the environmental regulations, we have completely shifted our chromate treatment, a chemical conversion treatment of galvanized film, to [trivalent chromate chemical conversion treatment] containing no [hexavalent chrome].

Electro zinc plating

Chromate [clear, white, black], surface for coating

Process flow
Cation electrodeposition coating
Our cation electrodeposition coating line has been appointed as an accredited line by Toyota Motor Corporation for its high productivity and quality.

Our cation electrodeposition coating is excellent in both the environment aspect and the safety aspect due to its high corrosion resistance and water solubility.
Our black, glossy full-dip electrodeposition coating stages a good sense of extravagance to your products, not merely giving high corrosion resistance.
It is also used as an alternative to electro zinc plating or post-electro zinc plating top coating.

We have realized an integrated production system of [electro zinc plating] plus [cation electrodeposition coating] to provide high-quality surface treatment.

Cation electrodeposition coating

Applicable to iron and galvanized metals

Process flow
AMC coating
Our AMC coating has realized low cost, thin film and high corrosion resistance.

Our AMC coating is a completely chrome-free, rust-preventing means for metals with consideration for the environment. Having various features, such as high corrosion resistance, economical surface treatment and compliance with RoHS regulations, AMC coating is a truly next-generation metal surface treatment technology.

AMC coating
Process flow
SST comparison between white rust and red rust
Electro zinc plating

Electro zinc plating with [trivalent chromate treatment] ensures beautiful finish.

Cation electro deposition coating

High corrosion resistance and beautiful finish are best suited for various products, such as auto parts.

AMC coating

Low cost | Thin film | High corrosion resistance

Next-Electro zinc plating surface treatment featured by low cost, thin film and high corrosion resistance as a result of Electro zinc plating plus coating on chromate film.


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