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Corporate Profile 

Greetings from Our President

Mastering the surface treatment technology
Since our foundation in 1947, we have been making efforts to make a contribution to our customers and furthermore to our communal society through surface treatments, mainly electro zinc plating and cation electrodeposition coating, utilizing the expertise and experience we have accumulated for a long time.
Today, Japanese manufacturing industry, where we are in, is in the critical situation with an anticipation of further difficulties.
In these circumstances, I think the significance of our existence is to deliver the refined “price, quality and response” to our customers.
The whole staff are determined to work together and form the strong corporative foundation to become an attractive company and serve our customers and our communal society for ever.

We solicit your continuous patronage and support.

Yasuo Yamashita President


Company Profile

Name Actmetal Corporation
Address Head Office: 61, Kanayama, Komashin-cho, Toyota, Aichi 473-0926
Tel: +81-565-57-1931  Fax: +81-565-57-1930
Foundation February 1947
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Representative officer  Yasuo Yamashita
Main customer  Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd., TOP Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Iwai Co., Ltd., Goto Industry Co., Ltd., Utsunomiya Industry Co., Ltd., Mifune & Co., Mitsuchi Corporation, Yada Chemical Industry Ltd., Kato Industry Co., Ltd., Toyota Boshoku Corporation., and many others (in random order, titles omitted)
Number of employees 60 (as of February 29, 2012)
Bank of account Nagoya Bank, Chiryu; Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Chiryu; Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Takatsuji; Japan Finance Corporation (in random order)



About surface treatment, please ask us anything.

If you have any question about plating and coating, please contact us at the following.
We will answer your questions and respond to you requests with the best of intentions.

E-mailinfo@actmetal.com | TEL:0565-57-1931(Attn: Yamashita) | FAX:0565-57-1930



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February 1947 Founded under the name of “Joint Plating Works Partnership” at Shirokane, Showa Country, Nagoya City.
August 1970 Constructed Head Office Plant.
July 1988 Constructed Toyota Plant, and consolidated all production equipment.
November 1990 Changed the company name to “Actmetal Corporation,” and changed the company organization.
November 2003 Relocated Head Office to 61, Kanayama, Komashin-cho, Toyota, Aichi.
April 2004 Acquired the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certificate.
December 2004 Tore down Head Office Plant.
January 2005 Constructed a new warehouse.
May 2005  Acquired the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certificate.
April 2006 Introduced trivalent chromate white.
April 2006 Introduced trivalent chromate black (barrel type).
October 2006 Expanded the backyard of the warehouse by 1,422 m2.
October 2007 Constructed a tent warehouse.
July 2008 Introduced a barrel polishing machine.
February 2012 Renewed the Website.
June 2012  Established PT. Actmetal Indonesia.


Description of Business

Electro zinc plating (Chromate [clear, white, black], surface for coating)
Electric tin-zinc alloy plating
Black cation electrodeposition coating
Various electric plating
AMC coating



Plant information

Site area 5,268m2 (1.3 acre)
Building area 2,871m2 (0.7 acre)

Production equipment

Automatic electro zinc plating equipment 3
- Static (elevator type) 2
- Barrel (elevator type) 1
Chromate treatment equipment (carrier type) 1
Cation electrodeposition coating equipment 1
AMC coating equipment 1
Identification painting equipment 1
Barrel polishing machine 1
Iron exchanger 1
Baking furnace (batch type) 5
Automatic draining equipment 1

Inspection equipment

Fluorescent X-ray film thickness meter 1
Salt spray testing machine 1
Micrometer 2
Hull cell test set 1
Neutral measurement test set 1


Company-owned house
Resort hotel 1


Overseas Facilities

PT. Actmetal Indonesia


PT. Actmetal Indonesia

Name  PT. Actmetal Indonesia
Location KIIC Karawang Industrial Park
Foundation June 2012
Capital 130,000,000 yen
Representative officer Hirotake Yamashita
Main customers Four-wheel and two-wheel auto parts manufacturers
Architectural parts manufacturers, and others
Number of employees 30
Description of Business Electro zinc plating, cation electrodeposition coating, non-electrolytic nickel plating
Equipment (planned) Automatic electro zinc plating equipment
- Static (elevator type)
- Barrel (elevator type)
Cation electrodeposition coating equipment
Cooperative manufacturers
ISO certification In acquisition preparation


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Electro zinc plating

Electro zinc plating with [trivalent chromate treatment] ensures beautiful finish.

Cation electro deposition coating

High corrosion resistance and beautiful finish are best suited for various products, such as auto parts.

AMC coating

Low cost | Thin film | High corrosion resistance

Next-Electro zinc plating surface treatment featured by low cost, thin film and high corrosion resistance as a result of Electro zinc plating plus coating on chromate film.


Quality Control
Environmental Policy
Local Production in Indonesia
Acqutred the ISO certificate