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Our attitude toward environment
Our attitude toward environment

Our business belongs to the “pollution industry.”
We realize well that our business has large environmental load with a heavy consumption of water and electric power and a use of toxic chemicals.

Amid the global calls for environmental protection, we are working hard to reduce the environmental load while actively promoting “what we can do.”


Configuring and operating our system under ISO 14001
   (Environmental Management System)

We acquired the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) in May 2005.

We are of the view that the compliance with ISO 14001 is absolutely imperative for us in doing business with high environmental load.
We are doing what we should do as our routine in order to establish our corporative reliability through the compliance.

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)


Environmental Policy

Politica da Qualodade e do Ecosistema


Electro zinc plating

Electro zinc plating with [trivalent chromate treatment] ensures beautiful finish.

Cationic electro deposition coating

High corrosion resistance and beautiful finish are best suited for various products, such as auto parts.


We assemble plated products, cation-coated products, and purchased products to reduce packaging operations, packing material usage, and storage space for our customers.


Quality Control
Environmental Policy
Local Production in Indonesia
Acqutred the ISO certificate