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 Our attitude toward quality
 Our attitude toward quality

The real beginning of our activities is a belief that the “quality will earn trust.”

We take the quality as one of the important assignments of our business with our clients.
We want, therefore, to establish our position as a trustworthy, reliable supplier by constantly providing stable quality to them.

Accordingly, under the slogan of “No defect making, No defect flowing,” we are working hard every day on internal quality control initiated by the person in charge of quality control.


Configuring and operating our system under ISO 9001 (QualityManagement System)

We acquired the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certificate in April 2004.

As we move on with ISO 9001, our organizational power was improved and our internal operational standardization was activated.
We will continue to maintain this effort and enhance our “quality power” while promoting our successive improvement.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)


Quality policy

Politica da Qualodade e do Ecosistema


Control items

We have set the following as control items:

Film thickness

In plating process, we randomly sample products from each line, measure them and record the measurement results twice a day.
At the same time, we analyze the components of “bath liquid,” one of the important elements for controlling the film thickness.
We conduct hull cell test on each line to confirm the plating efficiency and appearance of the plating liquid once a week.

Film thickness

In cation electrodeposition coating, we use a micro-gauge to measure the specific points of test pieces twice a day (Left photo: Measuring operation).

We also conduct an adhesion test (cross-cut adhesion test) and a pencil hardness test.


Corrosion resistance

We randomly sample 4 plated products from each line and test their corrosion resistance once a week.
Whenever we receive a request of our customers, we conduct a corrosion resistance test, record the test results and send them in a report.

Corrosion resistance

We have introduced a “salt spray test machine” earliest in the industry, and conducted periodic test to check the product quality.



In our premises, an automatic appearance inspection machine is under introduction to complete an efficient inspection system.


For those products that require the considerations of appearance, experts in appearance inspection are taking care of the inspection.

Electro zinc plating

Electro zinc plating with [trivalent chromate treatment] ensures beautiful finish.

Cation electro deposition coating

High corrosion resistance and beautiful finish are best suited for various products, such as auto parts.

AMC coating

Low cost | Thin film | High corrosion resistance

Next-Electro zinc plating surface treatment featured by low cost, thin film and high corrosion resistance as a result of Electro zinc plating plus coating on chromate film.


Quality Control
Environmental Policy
Local Production in Indonesia
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